Ridding bicycles off the road in rough terrains has turned into a rapidly growing sport. This sports is commonly known as Mountain Biking (MTB). This requires specially designed bicycles capable of enduring rough and irregular terrains. Such bicycles are also designed to maximise performance under such circumstances.

MTB is one of the most exciting sports in the world. There are mainly four competitive modalities in MTB:

  1. Cross-country
  2. Trialquest
  3. Down Hill
  4. Four Cross

Each of this four modalities are highly competitive and require a high level of bicycle control and fitness. Here, decision making is the key as riders must deal with obstacles in rough terrain whilst going at high speeds.

The adrenaline and endorphins experienced by riders all add to the excitment. But, stylish nature of most MTB bikes are ‘cherry on top of the cake’. These are definitly bicycles to be proud of. They are manufactured taking into account both the looks and performance, and this (for most MTB riders) is a ‘magic’ combination.

You can also enjoy an MTB stroll with friends on mountainside or anywhere off-road. Mountain biking is an activity the brings the kind of joy which most of us can only associated it with childhood fun. It that simple! So get involved!

(Foto: Mario Michel)